Three-level designs in 18 runs
  Design sets:
      For p three-level designs, the level-combination for each design is given in  p*18  format in the files
       Three factors(13 different designs)     [Col_F3R18.out]
       Four factors(129 different designs)     [Col_F4R18.out]
       Five factors(320 different designs)      [Col_F5R18.out]
       Six factors(440 different designs)        [Col_F6R18.out]
       Seven factors (253 different designs)  [Col_F7R18.out]

  Design properties:
      Designs with three factors(13 different designs)  [r18f3.out]  (Details for Table 2 in Tsai and Gilmour, 2007)
      Designs with four factors(129 different designs) [r18f4.out]  (Details for Table 3 in Tsai and Gilmour, 2007)
      Designs with  5 to 7 factors [table4.out] (Details for Table 4 in Tsai and Gilmour, 2007)

Three-level Designs for 15-run
      Three-level designs with three factors [r15f3.out]
      Three-level designs with four to six factors [r15f4to6.out]  
      (Details for Table 5 in  in Tsai and Gilmour, 2007)

Two-level designs
    Plackett and Burman designs [pbdesign]

Matlab and R programs for the calculation of Q and QB in the articles by Tsai, Gilmour and Mead (2000, 2004, 2007)
    Matlab programs  []  Examples and histogram of Figure 1 in Tsai et al (2007, JSPI)] [histogram.html]
    R programs [ ]:   
     Generalized word counts defined by Tsai and Gilmour (2007) histogram.r.html